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Alligare Electricals LLC is a professionally managed company engaged in the design, assembly, testing and commissioning of a vast range of purpose built low voltage switchgear and control panels. We offer a range of superior quality electrical panels, which are manufactured by us using material designed as per benchmark standards guaranteeing high performance, reliability and durability. Available at most competitive prices, these Power & Control panels are provided in different specifications to meet the diverse requirements of clients.

We are also engaged in Industrial Automation Solutions provider offering services in the Middle East Region and covering a wide range of applications and processes including Oil & Gas, Utilities and Manufacturing. We guarantee the delivery of ready-to-run systems that do not require lengthy or stressful commissioning. This guarantee comes from the dedication and competency of our engineering team.

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Why Alligare??

Our strength is a dedicated, qualified, experienced and dynamic team of Engineers and support staff. We strive to maintain the highest standards in the Industry, taking care of the consumer requirements. Our quick response time, smart deliveries and prompt after sales support are matter of pride. Our ability to offer competitive rates and economic solutions are exceptional.

Our commitment to the success of our customers and the systems we develop helped our growth as a company and enabled us to achieve steady progress resulting in continuous business with our existing customer base as well as new business resulting from our glowing record of accomplishment.

  • Design customized, creative, efficient and cost-effective systems, engineered specially to cater for customer requirements, Manufacture under stringent quality control.
  • Acknowledged, consistent quality of products.
  • Continual improvement through Training, Research, Development, Flexible and open to new ideas and requirements.
  • Constantly monitor, innovate, control and raise product quality and thereby reliability.
  • Provide technical solution, utilizing decades of experience.
  • Remain abreast of technological progress and improve efficiency and functionality of products and systems assembled.
  • Best in class and shaping future.
  • After Sales Service and Support.
  • Customer Care, Satisfaction & Loyalty.
  • Sustainability is an integral part of production process, sales and on to the application by customers.
  • High functional serviceability, economic efficiency, security and ecology compatibility of products.
  • Turned intentions into meaningful actions that have shown success over years through visionary leadership.

Our Mission

To provide precision technical solutions to customers at competitive pricing

To cater to customers from diverse industries with varied types of engineering requirements

To provide on-demand technical services and respond to customers on a timely manner

To penetrate as many industry verticals possible in the regional markets

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